Inglesina Aptica XT



Inglesina Aptica XT Bundle

We have on special offer two of these bundles – we have these in either Sequoia Green or Horizon Grey.

Inglesina Aptica Consists of:

• Aptica Chassis
• Lie Flat Mattress
• Deep Deluxe Carrycot
• Sporty Seat Unit
• Darwin I-Size Group 0+ Car Seat
• Adjustable Stand
• Stroller Rain cover

Inglesina is an Italian brand who have launched the new Aptica stroller into the UK market. The stroller is known for keeping the babies wellness in mind which is achieved by exceptionally comfortable fabrics and the brand new and unique lie flat carrycot mattress. 

The Italian manufacturer of Inglesina strollers focus on child safety and comfort in all aspects. In doing so, they use the the largest team of medical experts from the neonatology department in Bologna in their stroller production. 

The fragile newborn child needs extra protection and comfort. Newborns also need a lot of sleep, sleeping up to 18 hours a day after birth, because of this Inglesina has refined the NON STOP SLEEPING concept. Whether you are on a stroll or at home, in a car or on the go, with the Aptica your child will have more uninterrupted sleep and maximum levels of care and safety.

The Aptica 5 piece travel system incorporates the largest and most spacious deep carrycot with an improved lie flat mattress developed for newborns in cooperation with neonatologists, ensuring optimal head, spine, and baby feet positions. The Stand extends the possibility and can be used as a highchair if you add the seat unit or car seat to it, or as a Moses basket, so when the child falls asleep on a walk, they will continue in his sleep at home. The third part of the system is an improved sports seat, very spacious but also approved for use up to 22 kg child weight. The forth item of the bundle is the Darwin I-size car seat, which, can be attached to any Inglesina chassis directly, without the need for an adaptor. This as well can be attached to the Stand where it creates a lounger for the newborn. The final item in this bundle is the Isofix base, which takes your child all the way up to 4 years old with the Toddler Group 1 car seat (Available Separately).

Designed to meet the latest safety standards and for baby wellness, the Aptica is specially shaped, has a very strong shock absorber shell and ensures a high level of baby protection. After installing the Auto Kit (Available Separately), it is approved for use in the car. There is also a new one, which is two-position and greatly facilitates the handling of the child when inserting or unloading it into the stroller. The bottom of the tray is protected by a mesh interconnected with the inner cover. Above it is a double mattress containing the lie-flat mattress, which can be removed when the baby gets up (3-4 months). The carrycot is fully ventilated by a mesh in the roof, through the opening on the front of the tray, and through openings in the bottom that can be closed.

The all-new stroller seat , which is easy to turn in the direction or in the opposite direction and stays on the chassis when folded, is attested up to 22 kg that’s almost up to 4 years! It is also spacious and suitable for children of a higher constitution. In addition, it is now equipped with an extended, adjustable footrest. It is not only trendy, but also practical, as it is tilted up to horizontal level, equipped for all seasons with a spacious elongated footrest and a folding self-flip roof with silent operation, extension and sun visor. In addition, the “Full Cover” canopy can be extended with a zipper and thus perfectly protects even when lying. The window in the roof allows visibility even when the seat is oriented in the direction of travel.

A brand new Darwin is an I-size car seat, which provides high side impact protection, while the backrest angle offers exceptional child comfort for baby. The Darwin was tested in the German ADAC test centre with very good results. The car seat design is also equipped with innovative, air vents that support the internal aeration of the car seat. The car seat can be greatly used either in the car or on walks, when it is simply attached to any Inglesina stroller without adaptors. You can also use it at home, when fixing it on the Stand.

The Stand is very practical, so baby can sleep undisturbed in a well-known environment and you have a crib with a deep bed. The DARWIN car seat can also be used for a short nap or as a substitute for the child’s bed at the table height.

New lie flat mattress for deep carrycot is very important in the first “decisive” weeks of your babies lives, they feel particularly protected and behaved in the same way they were protected in their mum’s belly. Avoid using different pads as they may prevent the baby from breathing properly. Based on the latest scientific knowledge and safety instructions in cooperation with the Department of neonatology the Bologna Ospedale Maggiore, Inglesina has developed a new mattress for newborn. The basis for this development was the medical device” START MATT. “Supports a comfortable position lying on the back and the arrangement of limbs in centre line. It helps to keep the airways in the right position and thus promotes breathing. It reduces the risk of plagiocephaly (head deformity). In the APTICA stroller the mattress is made with 100% bamboo fibre.

The sleek and compact, only 50 cm wide Aptica chassis with telescopically adjustable handle, passes through the narrowest spaces. You will not be surprised by the small lift, the tightly parked cars, the lack of space between the shelves in the shop. In doing so, it has large, gel-shaped wheels with ball bearings to reduce driving effort. 190 mm front swivel, 260 mm rear brake. It features a large basket with a reinforced bottom, with a zippered closure. Reflective line on the basket increases safety in the evening. You spread it and fold it with one hand. Composed on a plane stands alone and the handle stays up and clean, without contact with the dirty ground.