YOYO – can you believe the hype?!

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Baby Barn Blog

YOYO – can you believe the hype?!

Hello – me again – A3 Baby Barn’s resident product tester!

If there is one thing all my mummy friends are raving about this summer, it’s the Babyzen YOYO. I can’t seem to go to a playgroup or coffee morning without someone declaring their undying love for the lightweight stroller. So as my Mum sells this apparently ‘life changing’ pushchair at A3 Baby Barn, I thought that Olive and I better see what all the fuss is about.

IMG_2110To give you the background, the Babyzen YOYO is an ultra-compact stroller that folds up so small it can fit into the overhead compartment of a plane! It is feather weight (just 6.2 to 6.6 kg depending on version) and even has a handy carry strap so you can sling it over your shoulder (when your child isn’t in it obvs!)

Most of my friends that have one originally bought it as a holiday buggy, but now seem to be using it whenever I see them, so it was time for me to put it through it’s paces. As Olive is a rather weighty 14 month old, I was just focusing on the standard stroller which is suitable from 6 months, but there is also a new-born mode available.


IMG_2109When I arrived at the A3 Baby Barn the YOYO was all folded up and hanging neatly on the wall to show just how compact it is. It was instantly clear that this is a very different pushchair compared to most of the other travel systems and prams on the shop floor. I was genuinely amazed at how small it was when folded, and a world away from big bulky prams that clog up your hallway and fill your entire can boot! You really can pick it up with one hand or carry it over your shoulder. I couldn’t quite work out how this compact little package was going to transform into a stroller, but the girls in the shop demonstrated it and after a bit of practice I was folding and unfolding it with one hand.

But can something this small really give a smooth ride for baby and handle well?! It was time to strap Olive in!

IMG_2108I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to handle and steer – even one handed. It has a single handle across the top, unlike the traditional umbrella fold lightweight buggies, which makes a big difference. While I was test-driving around the shop like a crazy lady two different delivery lorries arrived, bringing what felt like hundreds of boxes into the shop, and providing me with the perfect obstacles to manoeuvre around. I can honestly say it was so easy to turn and handle. Although compact, it has a 4-wheel suspension for a super smooth ride. I wasn’t able to take the display YOYO into the great outdoors and get it covered in mud, but just by pushing it inside I could feel the quality of the build and materials.



IMG_2120So what’s the downside I hear you say?! Well….all of this design and innovation comes at a price – and one the thing the YOYO isn’t – is cheap, especially if you’re are buying it as a holiday or second buggy. But I know lots of people who say for them it is money very well spent. Of course it won’t be for everyone, but if you travel a lot, are in and out of the car, or drop your baby at nursery and then jump on the train buggy in tow, then this may be a fantastic option from you.

A3 Baby Barn sells the standard Babyzen YOYO at £339 including rain cover and canvas carry bag, or £485 from new-born.